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Console Agent

Download BeatBlip agent console by navigating to Tools > BeatBlip Agent (Console). Once user click on this link a zip file will start downloading.

Once downloaded completely, unzip the zipped folder. You will find beatblip.exe by navigating to BeatBlipConsole\beatblip\beatblip.exe

Now our aim is to create a text file which will have all information about the test execution like project name, run setting name , username etc as shown below:

password=Your BeatBlip account password
userName= Your BeatBlip account username
projectName=Project name
runSettingName= Run setting name (eg. run setting 1)
emailID=mail id where you want to send the report

We are all set now to execute test case via BeatBlip agent console.

Open command prompt and go the directory where you have kept beatblip.exe (console version).

Use syntax: beatblip.exe -open “text file(which we created above) path”

Example: beatblip.exe -open “E:\console\Fileone.txt”

once you use above command in the command prompt, your test execution will start.

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