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Database connectivity

In order to connect your database with BeatBlip and use SQL queries in your script please follow the below steps:

Step 1: Select your project and go to (Settings > Project Settings > Database Settings).

Step 2: Enter all the details correctly.

Once you are done with the details in database settings we are all set to communicate with database using BeatBlip. These details will establish the connection between database and BeatBlip.

Step 3: Now you have write SQL scripts that will fetch the data from the database.

In order to write the SQL queries, go to Data > Manage SQL Scripts.

Step 4: Enter SQL script name and write the query in the ‘SQL Script’ text area.

Step 5: Now in order to use this SQL script in your test case, go to your test case in which you want to use this query.

Use the syntax as shown below in the test steps, where you want to use the data fetched from the database.

Syntax: ${__sql(Sql_Server_Script_2)} Here, Sql_Server_Script_1 is the name of SQL query defined in step 4.

Similarly, we can use the same procedure for fetching data from any database.

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