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How do I add new screen and locators on test step screen?

To add new screen and locators directly on the test step screen:

1. Login to BeatBlip using your account credentials.

2. Expand the project tree and select your test suite.

3. Click on the desired test case and go to the test steps screen.

4. Select command from the Actions dropdown list.

5. Click on the + icon present just beside screen name to add a new screen.

6. Enter Screen name and save this screen.

7. Select this screen from the screen dropdown and then click on the + icon present just beside element key.

8. On this screen we can add locator key and its value and we can add as many elements as we want in this particular screen.

9. Once user is done with adding the locators, we have to navigate back to the test steps screen from the tab highlighted below.

10. All the elements added in the selected screen will get populated in the elements key dropdown. User can select the desired element from this dropdown.

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