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It’s A New Innovation Company With A Proven Automation Solution

It’s a New Innovation Company with a Proven Automation Solution

It’s a great time to be launching our new company called HuLoop Automation! Never have I felt more excited, and frankly empowered, to help companies achieve their business objectives.

  • Today’s enterprises are struggling to retain and recruit top talent. They’re dealing with rapidly rising labor costs, and the competition for talent has never been higher. No company wants to waste human capital, no matter the job description, on repetitive, boring, or mundane tasks.
  • Today’s enterprises are also dealing with complex technology ecosystems across public cloud, private cloud, and on-premises platforms. Some of those systems are modern, others are legacy. They are forced to wrangle data from disparate data sources to make decisions.

With the number of competing technology priorities being very high, and technology budgets and resources constrained, organizations are turning to Intelligent Automation to increase productivity, reduce costs, and better serve their customers.

The Intelligent Automation Opportunity is Huge!

Now more than ever, leading enterprises see Intelligent Automation as the primary way to deliver capabilities that will support their digital transformation initiatives. And they are looking for automation solutions that will integrate with their existing enterprise software and infrastructure platforms.

HuLoop’s platform brings three AI-powered low code capabilities together:

  • First, we offer business process automation (BPA) which helps choreograph and orchestrate complex business processes across disparate systems and data sources. Think of this capability as being the glue that binds cross-organizational and cross-system workflows.
  • Second, we offer robotic process automation (RPA) which helps to automate manual, mundane and repetitive tasks through the deployment of software robots, or bots for short, that are designed to emulate human actions. Think of this capability as a way to deliver an army of digital assistants to make all your people across the organization more productive and focused on value-adding activities.
  • Third, we offer software test automation (STA) which helps software developers build, control, and execute an array of software tests across their software platforms with various technologies—such as Web, Mobile, and Desktop environments—to verify expected outcomes. This includes application to application integration testing, as well as static/dynamic database testing.

According to leading analysts, these three sectors represent tens of billions of dollars of annual spending…and each sector is growing exceptionally fast compared to other technology segments.

New Company, Proven Solution

While HuLoop is technically a new company, its platform has been in the market as a proven solution for several years under the ownership of AgreeYa Solutions. AgreeYa invested heavily in innovation, built a world class product, and partnered with many prominent customers. This platform was recently spun out of AgreeYa to enable the new company to accelerate its growth by operating as an independent and dedicated software business. I am pleased to say that AgreeYa continues to support HuLoop as its primary investor and strategic business partner.

What Makes HuLoop Different?

HuLoop’s vision is to provide “Human-in-the-Loop Intelligent Automation” where the platform can support both attended and unattended automations, with full transparency and human governance. We know that AI-based automation can be fast, accurate and cost-effective, but it can’t replace strategic thinking, emotional intelligence, empathy, or creativity. Leading enterprises need to see automation as job transformation rather than job elimination. It is about augmenting human capital and productivity through a simple low code environment that both businesspeople and experts can use.

What’s Ahead for HuLoop?

  1. We are actively expanding our team by adding highly qualified, passionate people. This includes engineers, product experts, consultants, and sales/marketing professionals.
  2. We are strategically partnering with our existing and prospective clients on their broader, more forward-looking automation needs. This means that we are looking to collaborate on our innovation roadmap, and we seek to form high impact relationships with a commitment to always making our clients feel it is a pleasure to do business with us.
  3. We are going to actively partner with analysts, consultants, systems integrators, and leading software companies to deepen our expertise and product capabilities around the most challenging and high impact use cases.

To Learn More:

If you are interested in learning more about the HuLoop platform, or you wish to see a software demonstration, please click here.

About the author: Todd P. Michaud

Todd P. MichaudAs President and Chief Executive Officer, Todd P. Michaud leads HuLoop’s strategy and oversees its execution. He is an accomplished, results-oriented, and high-energy technology executive with a sustained track record for driving breakout growth and building enduring, software businesses. Whether launching successful startups, scaling growth phase companies, or turning-around mature software businesses, Michaud succeeds by building and leading high-performing, multi-cultural, and global teams. Before HuLoop, Michaud has held executive roles at DemandTec, Hypersonix, Symphony Retail, Amdocs, NCR Corporation, Retalix, Revionics, IDS LLC, and IBM Corporation.

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