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Intelligent Test Automation

Save Time, Improve Accuracy, and Increase Efficiency

Software Test Automation

Providing Agility, Productivity, and Empowerment in Testing

HuLoop’s test automation platform helps companies reduce costs, streamline testing, and bring high-quality software to market faster.

Software Testing is Increasingly Complex


Huloop Helps Address Multiple Software Testing Challenges:

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  • Poor Software Quality
  • Limited Test Coverage
  • Unwelcome Release Delays
  • Lack of Communication
  • Missing Documentation
  • Diverse Testing Environments
  • Disparate Testing Tools
  • Inadequate Time
  • Resource Utilization
  • Operational Bottlenecks

A Platform to Meet All Your Testing Needs

Supporting data-driven, parallel and localization testing for any enterprise software

Agile  |  DevOps  |  CI/CD Integration

Web testing

Web Testing

HuLoop simplifies testing of modern web applications regardless of the tech stack they are built in.

Mobile testing

Mobile Testing

HuLoop’s powerful mobile testing features help you verify and validate.

Desktop testing

Desktop Testing

HuLoop can help you deliver a consistent user experience across different machines and operating systems.

Integration testing

Integration Testing

HuLoop enables teams to rapidly create and maintain reusable API, web services and batch tests.

Database testing

Database Testing

HuLoop integrates with all the popular databases (SQL, NoSQL and Cloud databases).

Enterprise software testing

Enterprise Software Testing

HuLoop supports data-driven, parallel and localization testing.

HuLoop Intelligent Test Automation Infographic

AI-Powered, All-in-One, No-Code Software Platform for Software Test Automation

HuLoop Test Automation Infographic

Ready to inject speed and quality into your Automation initiatives process?

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