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Intelligent Process Automation

Streamline Your Business for Simplicity

HuLoop Process Automation

An Intelligent Process Automation Platform

HuLoop helps enterprises transform how they operate by optimizing how work gets accomplished

We Solve Wicked Business Problems!

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  • Wasted human capital
  • Mundane, repetitive work
  • Rising labor costs
  • Competition for talent
  • Work from home
  • Quiet quitting
  • Human error
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  • Fragmented systems
  • Legacy and/or modern
  • On-premise and/or cloud
  • Disparate data siloes
  • Manual workarounds
  • Competing IT priorities
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  • Inefficient tasks and processes
  • People, paper intensive activities
  • Fragmented ownership & control
  • Siloed departmental handoffs
  • Lack of agility, transparency
  • Low compliance adherence
  • Employee attrition
  • Customer churn
  • Competitive disadvantage
  • Lower profitability

Reimagine Processes with Unified Intelligent Automation

Reimagine Processes with Hyperautomation

Simple, Beautiful User Experience - Easy to Learn and Use

Process and Task Discovery

  • Understand what people are doing
  • Understand what systems and tools they use
  • Auto-generate flows of actual processes
  • Identify and prioritize automation opportunities

Unified Intelligent Process Automation

  • Orchestrate across disparate applications
  • Automate mundane, repetitive, and manual work
  • Speed up process cycle time by 40-60%
  • Integrate documents, auto extract intelligence

Automated Testing & Monitoring

  • Auto Change Detection, Auto Healing

Human-in-the-Loop Governance

  • Actionable analytics for improved decisioning

Ready to inject speed and quality into your Automation initiatives process?

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