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Intelligent Productivity Discovery

Data-Driven Recommendations on Your
People, Processes and Technologies to
Boost Productivity and Growth

Process and Task Discovery

Creating Business Transformation Opportunities

HuLoop’s Intelligent Productivity Discovery generates transformation opportunities that only a unified solution like HuLoop’s can solve.

Data-Driven Recommendations

We help you not only see, understand and change your capabilities, but also to recognize how your people, processes and technologies interact to complete everyday activities.

  • 1People
  • 2Process
  • 3Technology
see See
  • Productivity.
    People pulse.
    Behavior trends.
  • End-to-end,
    across all dimensions.
    All process variants.
    Automation potential.
  • Tool use over time.
    App landscape
    Waiting time.
understand Understand
  • Work breakdown across
    individuals and teams.
  • Execution and compliance.
    Root causes of inefficiency.
  • Data issues.
    Business rules.
    User workarounds due to
    implementation bugs.
  • Who to empower/upskill.
    How to best augment
    digital workforce.
  • Key levers for automation.
    Where to simplify,
    standardize or optimize.
  • When to innovate.
    Which apps or silos to

People & Application Intelligence

What it does:

  • Holistic, real activity data
  • Revisit & analyze anytime
  • From an individual to the organization
  • Zero interruption of day-to-day work

What you get:

  • User actions across & between systems
  • See how complex work really gets done
  • Understand productivity, identify best-practices and automation
  • Improvement potential and ROI

Auto-Generation of “Real” Current Business Model


Prescriptive, ROI-based Automation Pipeline Recommendations


HuLoop’s Intelligent Productivity Discovery solution is powered by KYP.

See the HuLoop Intelligent Productivity Discovery tool in action!

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