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How To Select Test Cases To Automate

How to Select Test Cases to Automate

Check out this recent article by Ajay Kaul, HuLoop Chairman of the Board, published on Software Testing Magazine on April 13. In this article, Ajay offers tips on how to select the test cases for automation for the maximum benefits of your software testing efforts.

“Automation has become deeply integrated in our daily lives. Whether it’s buying concert tickets, shopping online, continuous virtual meeting reminders, making a payment straight from your smart device or something else, automation can be found in nearly every interaction. One area that has seen a significant surge in adoption has been software testing practices. In the past, such tests were solely focused on identifying application performance glitches, but the scope of testing and quality assurance has broadened enormously in recent years. Onus is on the quality assurance specialists to not only identify, prevent and mitigate all defects, but also to reduce costs, improve performance and customer satisfaction. Therefore, today’s tests are designed to ensure the delivery of quality software with speed. The most common software testing approaches, functional, regression and integration testing, are strengthened by embracing test automation…”

Read the full article on Software Testing Magazine

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