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Meet HuLoop Unified Automation Platform V5

Meet HuLoop Unified Automation Platform v5

By Chandra Kanive, HuLoop CPO and CTO

The newest version of HuLoop’s Unified Automation Software Platform (v5) is now available. This release offers subscribers substantial new capabilities, such as enhanced applied artificial intelligence (AI), new advanced human-friendly features, and significant user experience upgrades.

HuLoop offers an AI-powered, no-code unified automation platform designed for enterprises. Our platform includes an integrated array of capabilities, including process and task discovery, robotic process automation, business process orchestration, intelligent document processing, intelligent data management, and test automation. HuLoop’s platform serves as a one-stop-shop for companies seeking true integration and lower costs of ownership.

One key way that HuLoop differs from competitors is that our platform doesn’t involve the costly, time-intensive integrations typically required by automation vendors. As a result, HuLoop clients benefit from much faster speed to value than other digital transformation initiatives. In addition, HuLoop’s unified automation platform includes an array of role-specific digital agents ready to perform tasks and activities across the enterprise — freeing up employees for more valuable work.

Primary new features included in HuLoop’s v5 platform are:

  1. Enhanced Automation Orchestration with plain English language user interactions, including new drag-and-drop visual studio capabilities to build and manage automations easier.
  2. On-platform Digital Assistant HuGO with advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities. HuGO answers hundreds of platform-related questions and executes user-instructed on-platform activities through voice or text interactions.
  3. New Intelligent Desktop and Autonomous Server Agent with personification. The new Intelligent Agent user experience provides easier-to-learn and use capabilities coupled with new parallel processing.
  4. AI-enabled Enhanced Desktop Recorder with Computer Vision capabilities for screen capture and recording like the platform’s existing web recorder and soon-to-be-released Mobile Recorder for multi-platform and hybrid applications.
  5. Enhanced Analytics and Diagnostic Reporting Module.

In addition to the primary enhancements I’ve listed, HuLoop’s v5 platform includes additional no-code capabilities now numbering close to 400 integrated commands and functions. There are also new third-party connectors and integrations now available on the platform.

We believe that our newest version leapfrogs competitive automation vendor capabilities. And with the v5 release now available, our team will be shifting to add Generative AI like ChatGPT, more sophisticated document intelligence, and greater predictive and prescriptive automation capabilities. It’s an exciting time for the HuLoop team and our clients as we continue delivering enhanced automation capabilities.

Enhanced Visual Analytics and Diagnostic Reporting
Simplified Organizational Structure for Managing Automations
Visual, Plain English, No-Code Capabilities for Automation Design

About HuLoop Automation

Based in the Sacramento, California area, HuLoop Automation serves enterprises who are digitally transforming their businesses to maximize human productivity and improve customer experience, all while leveraging existing technology investments. HuLoop has built a unified automation platform to help enterprises automate manual, mundane tasks, so their human talent is able to spend time on higher value work. Our AI-based, codeless, Human-in-the-Loop software eliminates mind-numbing work, saving our clients money and improving employee satisfaction. You can learn more at and follow HuLoop on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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