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HuLoop and Aurore Partner for Retail Transformation

Focus on Pricing, Promotions, Inventory, Assortment, Supply Chain

AUBURN, California (October 3, 2022) — HuLoop Automation (HuLoop), a fast-growing provider of AI-powered intelligent automation, announced today that it has formed a partnership with Aurore LLC (Aurore), a global consulting business focused on retailers and wholesale distributors focused on North and South America. The companies will be working together to support clients seeking digital transformation through the HuLoop Intelligent Automation platform.

HuLoop offers an enterprise-wide, no-code hyperautomation platform, with capabilities like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Business Process Automation (BPA), Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), Intelligent Data Automation (IDA), and Software Test Automation (STA). The company positions itself as a one-stop-shop for enterprises in key industries such as retail, wholesale distribution, CPG, and banking segments. The company empowers various enterprises across the automation maturity curve, with its no-code intelligent automation capabilities, for profitable revenue growth, improved customer service, increased productivity, and cost savings.

Aurore specializes in performing business transformation consulting for retailers and wholesale distributors seeking to drive profitable revenue growth and cost savings through automation. The company, comprised of former retailers and IBM and Accenture consultants, has deep expertise in merchandising, shopper marketing, store operations, and supply chain management.

“After doing countless business transformation engagements over many years, I have always found that clients struggle to operationalize their strategies due to legacy software, change resistance, and the lack of sustained executive sponsorship,” said Natt Fry, CEO of Aurore LLC, who added, “HuLoop’s Intelligent Automation platform is a game changer because it provides new capabilities to unlock value without ripping and replacing existing systems.”

“It’s a privilege to work with Aurore because they are undisputed experts at helping retailers and wholesalers drive productivity gains and newfound efficiencies,” said Todd P. Michaud, HuLoop’s President & CEO. “I have been impressed with their team’s domain expertise and methodical approach to identifying problems and opportunities, and then solving them.”

ABOUT HULOOP AUTOMATION, INC.: Based in the Sacramento, California area, HuLoop Automation offers an AI-powered, no-code Intelligent Automation platform. This platform brings next generation hyperautomation innovation across five primary solution areas; 1.) business process automation (BPA), 2.) robotic process automation (RPA), 3.) intelligent document processing (IDP), 4.) software test automation (TA) and 5.) intelligent data automation (IDA). HuLoop is used across the enterprise by both businesspeople and technology experts. The platform delivers significant revenue growth, cost savings, and productivity gains across it’s prestigious customer base. Learn more at and follow HuLoop on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

ABOUT AURORE LLC: Aurore creates value for clients looking to improve their results through the application of math and technology solutions. The team consists of former retail executives and consultants with significant successful digital and transformation expertise. They are differentiated through their deep process understanding and their speed to value, change management and knowledge transfer results. Aurore is focused on using Intelligent Automation tools to take retail transformation—the core retail processes—to the next level. Learn more at

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