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HuLoop and KYP Partner to Provide End-to-End Intelligent Automation for Enterprises

Strategic Partnership Formed to Unify AI-Powered Business Process Discovery with AI-Powered Robotic and Business Process Automation

AUBURN, California (October 4, 2022) — HuLoop Automation (HuLoop), a fast-growing provider of AI-powered intelligent automation, announced today that it has formed a strategic partnership with (KYP), a highly innovative, data-driven business process discovery solution provider headquartered in Cologne, Germany. The partnership will help joint customers to discover business process productivity improvement opportunities with a proven solution that helps clients realize those intelligent automation gains.

HuLoop has been expanding its product portfolio to become an enterprise-wide, no-code hyperautomation platform, with capabilities like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Business Process Automation (BPA), Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), Intelligent Data Automation (IDA), and Software Test Automation (STA). The company positions itself as a one-stop-shop for enterprises looking for an array of intelligent automation capabilities necessary to drive profitable revenue growth, improved customer service, increased productivity, and cost reductions. These ambitions are more important now than ever due to economic uncertainty, inflation, post-pandemic work-from-home, etc. offers an innovative Task Mining and Process Intelligence solution that provides a holistic view of an organization’s people, processes, and technologies. This includes understanding what applications they are using, how much time they spend in each application, and importantly, what happens in between applications. Key deliverables from KYP include automated process capture of current business processes, work-from-home versus in-office performance analytics, productivity bench marketing, and more. The platform recommends processes and tasks that are ideal candidates to be automated and it creates an automation pipeline with return-on-investment calculations exposed.

“Enterprises have always been forced to stitch together advanced automation capabilities from a variety of disparate solution providers,” said Todd P. Michaud, HuLoop’s President & CEO, who added, “this has proven costly and slow. Our partnership with KYP allows us to provide a complete, innovative, and commercially friendly diagnostic and prescriptive Intelligent Automation solution for our clients.”

“HuLoop and KYP are both innovative companies seeking to solve age-old challenges with next generation approaches,” said Dr. Adam Bujak, CEO and Co-founder at “By working together, clients can use our solution to identify user actions across and in between systems, see how complex work really gets done, and identify best-practices and ideal automation opportunities. Then they can use HuLoop’s hyperautomation platform to operationalize and realize those benefits.”

ABOUT HULOOP AUTOMATION, INC.: Based in the Sacramento, California area, HuLoop offers an AI-powered, no-code Intelligent Automation platform. The platform offers next generation hyperautomation innovation across five solution areas; 1.) business process automation (BPA), 2.) robotic process automation (RPA), 3.) intelligent document processing (IDP), 4.) software test automation (TA) and 5.) intelligent data automation (IDA). HuLoop delivers revenue growth, cost savings, and productivity gains across its prestigious customer base. Learn more at and follow HuLoop on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

ABOUT is a Transformation Mining company fueling digital change, helping customers to rapidly understand their abstract processes and how these balance with people and technology dimensions. The company’s plug-and-play cloud SaaS solution serves as a data backbone, supporting insights into process automation potential and execution success, and delivering automatically generated, data-driven recommendations. has offices in New York and Cologne Germany.

Todd Michaud
HuLoop Automation
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