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Q & A With Noel Grant, HuLoop's New Vice President Of Sales

Q&A with Noel Grant: HuLoop’s New Vice President of Sales

As part of HuLoop’s rapid growth in the hyperautomation space, Noel Grant has joined the HuLoop management team as Vice President of Sales. Noel brings significant enterprise technology experience to HuLoop and, most recently, played a critical role in UiPath’s growth from a $25 million to $1.2 billion company in four years. Below are highlights from Noel’s journey into automation and the value he sees HuLoop bringing to organizations seeking digital transformation.

Q: What is your background in the RPA space?

A: I’ve worked in enterprise technology for over two decades, building out sales teams and growing companies in new markets. While I’ve worked for large organizations such as Dell, I’ve also worked with multiple startups. For example, I joined UiPath in 2018 when it was $25 million in annual revenue. During my four years there, I was part of a team that rapidly grew the company to $1.2 billion, and completed the second most successful software IPO ever.

The company operated at 100 miles/hour and was constantly changing, adapting and evolving to meet customers’ growing automation needs. During that time, I had the luxury of being involved in big deals and saw how board decisions are made. I understand how critical digital transformation is to organizations, and the significant cost savings objectives they are trying to achieve.

Q: What excites you about HuLoop?

A: As a young company with a no-code, AI-based unified hyperautomation platform, HuLoop can deliver a significantly quicker ROI for customers. Larger players in the RPA space can take months or even years to integrate and deploy their automation solutions in an enterprise environment—and for every dollar spent on the software, companies might be spending an additional $10 on consultants and services.

With HuLoop, companies can deploy hyperautomation initiatives quicker and easier. The AI-based, no-code platform democratizes the automation process and makes it easier for employees in a variety of roles to automate repetitive, mundane tasks and activities. HuLoop is quick to deploy, which means customer organizations realize the value of their investment at an accelerated rate.

As a sales executive, I equate the products I’m representing to either “painkillers” or “vitamins.” Vitamins are nice to have—especially in a booming economy when extra funds are available. But in an economic downturn, organizations still have pain points to address and as a result, are in need of painkillers. Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are critical to addressing these organizational bottlenecks and drivers, and companies are actively seeking out solutions to solve them. HuLoop couldn’t be delivering a unified hyperautomation platform that achieves a quicker ROI at a better time.

Q: How will customers benefit from your experience?

A: I’m passionate about helping customer organizations solve problems and delivering value to them. During my time at UiPath during its rapid-fire growth, I gained a deep understanding of the automation needs of clients in various industry segments. While each organization is unique and complex in its own way, there are so many consistent similarities in terms of their business requirements and common goals—especially among businesses within the same sectors. The one common request from organizations across all segments is for an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use unified hyperautomation platform that can deliver quick time to value. And that’s exactly what HuLoop has built. The HuLoop platform has the potential to completely revolutionize digital transformation, and I’m excited to guide customers through the journey.

Q: What is your leadership approach?

A: I played rugby both in South Africa and Chicago. As an athlete, I’m competitive, intense and like to win. But I also learned as an athlete how important culture is in creating successful teams. In fact, culture—including how employees and customers are treated—is the most important aspect of a company.

A team-oriented environment means having a game plan that everyone has bought into. Everyone understands what they need to do and are passionate about the mission. It’s also important to ensure all voices are heard so that everyone’s point of view plays a role in creating the winning formula.

For me, success occurs when everyone is in sync, in agreement and working together to accomplish shared goals.

Interested in learning more about how you can achieve rapid ROI with HuLoop’s AI-based, no-code unified hyperautomation platform? Let’s talk. Visit

About Noel Grant

Noel Grant, HuLoop’s New Vice President of SalesNoel Grant serves as HuLoop Automation’s Vice President of Sales. He brings more than two decades of high-tech sales leadership focused on disruptive technologies such as intelligent automation. He has a passion for building extraordinary customer partnerships and high-performance sales teams who like to be part of a winning culture.

Before HuLoop, Noel was part of the early leadership team at UiPath which grew to $1B+ in ~4 years, resulting in a successful IPO. Noel has held other leadership positions at Dell, Dell EMC, Compellent (acquired by Dell), Virsto (acquired by VMware) and other prominent early-stage companies.

About HuLoop Automation

Based in the Sacramento, California area, HuLoop Automation offers an AI-powered, no-code, unified automation platform that helps clients drive transformation, achieve revenue growth, cost savings, and productivity gains by automating mundane, repetitive activities that we don’t want our people doing.

This platform brings next generation hyperautomation innovation across several key solution areas: 1.) data driven process and task discovery, 2.) business process automation (BPA), 3.) robotic process automation (RPA), 4.) intelligent document processing (IDP), 5.) software test automation (TA) and 6.) intelligent data automation (IDA). HuLoop is used across the enterprise by both businesspeople and technology experts. Learn more at and follow HuLoop on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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