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Appium inspector is one of the most common tools to find out mobile elements.

Start Appium and click on start server. Don’t forget to plugin your mobile device.

Once server starts, click on Start Inspector Session from the top menu as shown below:

Add specific capabilities one by one and save it with a suitable name. 1st field text-box, enter key name. 2nd field is a drop down, select appropriate option [text, Boolean, file path etc]. 3rd field is a text-box, enter the value for respective key.

Click on Start Session after entering desired capabilities. A sample of desired capabilities is shown below:

Once session is started, it will show up on the mobile app screen along with its source and other relevant information.

You can use xpath, accessibility id or any other unique attribute to identify the element and subsequently use the locator in HuLoop in the same manner as for a web automation project.

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