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Console Agent

Download the HuLoop Windows Console Agent by navigating to Menu > Tools > HuLoop Windows Console. Once the user clicks on this link, a zip file will start downloading.

Once the download is complete, unzip the zipped folder. You will find huloop.exe by navigating to HuLoopConsole\huloop\huloop.exe

Now, our aim is to create a text file that will have all the information about the execution, like automation name, run setting name, username, etc., as shown below:

authUrl = Your HuLoop rest URL like
password = Your HuLoop account password
username =Your HuLoop account username
overwriteLocalSettingsOnSync – true
projectName = Automation name
runSettingName = Run setting name (e.g., run setting 1)
emailID = mail id where you want to send the report
sleepInterval = 10000
detailReport = true
consolidatedReport = true
consolidatedProjectReport = true

We are all set now to execute the case via HuLoop Windows Console.

Open command prompt and go the directory that contains huloop.exe (console version).

Use syntax: huloop.exe -open “text file (which we created above) path”

Example: huloop.exe -open “E:\console\Fileone.txt”

When the above command is run in the command prompt, execution will start.

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