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Reading Excel Data

Using this functionality, the user can read excel data in an iterative manner with the help of for loop.

Let’s say we have a sample excel file as shown below whose data you want to read one by one.

To achieve this please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Load the excel file using loadexcel function.

In the above window, scroll down into parameter section & set the other variables. 



Step 2: Set a variable with sequence number to iterate the data one by one and to initialize the variable.


Step 3: Get the number of rows in the excel sheet which will be used in the for loop as the end index.


Step 4: Start for loop with startindex as 0 and end index as total number of rows in the excel sheet. Here it will be ${rowcount1}


Step 5: Set the sequence number variable again to be iterated inside for loop.


Step 6: Define a variable and use getsetvalue function to get the data from the excel sheet.


 Here, excel data will be picked and will be stored in a variable data defined in Element Key. In each iteration of for loop one by one data will be picked and will be stored in the same variable.

After this you can apply your business logic to use this data.


Step 7: This step will mark the end of for loop.


So, the complete test case will look as below:



To know more about the specific functions used in the above use case please refer to this link.


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