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Cleantext function

This functions trims the special characters or characters from the string specified in the custom settings against “clean_chars” field.

Go to Settings > Project Settings > Custom Settings > clean_chars
Just specify the characters here in the format as shown below

Syntax: ${__cleantext(String)}

String can be static or dynamic (coming from any variable)

Edit parameter section and click on Form, select functions from the dropdown and select cleantext function. Provide the string that is to cleaned and click on save icon.

After completing this step, step will look as below:

The output after cleaning the string will be stored in a variable (output) defined in Element Key.

Example: ${__cleantext(Test!@#)}

Here in the above snapshot actual string is Test@#! as defined in var1, after using this function its value become Test stored in var2 and then it is used in subsequent step as a input for a textbox.

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