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Write File

Write file command is used write data in a text file whose path is given in the Element key.

Select WRITE_FILE command from the action drop down, leave Screen blank, provide file path in Element key and give write file arguments in the parameter section.

Three arguments will go in the parameter section: Text(data to write in the file),append=true/false,newLine=true/false

Here, append means whether user wants to append the data in some existing data in the file or not and newLine is for writing the data from a new line.

Example: Hello User,append=false,newLine=false

After completing this step, step will look as below:

Note: This command is applicable only for text files and CSV files. In order to write the data in CSV file user has to write CSV in place of TXT against setting output_data_file_format. This setting is present in Settings > Application Setting > output_data_file_format.

output_data_file_format: TXT [for writing in text file] output_data_file_format: CSV [for writing in csv file]

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