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Load Test Data function

Load_Test_Data function used to load the data from manage test data and then you can perform reading writing operation on that file.

This function is very useful when you do not want to keep your data outside Huloop.

Prerequisite: Load your data in manage test data. Lets say you have an excel file which you want to import in Huloop and then you want to perform reading writing operation.

Go to Data > Import Test Data > Choose your file to import.

Once the file is uploaded you will be able to see it under Data > Manage Test Data as shown below:

Select RUN command from the action dropdown and provide a variable name in Element key, edit parameter section and click on Form, select functions from the dropdown and select LOAD_TEST_DATA function. Provide environment name, name and alias.

Now all the data will be stored in alias using which you can do read and write on this file within Huloop itself.

For reading and writing data you can use GETCELLVALUE function and SETCELLVALUE function. Please refer to this link for details about functions.


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