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Store is similar to Set command. The only difference is that store is used to store the text value of a UI element into a variable.

Select STORE command from the action drop down, select Screen name, select Element key and provide variable name in parameter section as shown below:


After completing this step, step will look as below:


It will store the “text” value of the page element located by ELEMENTKEY into a local variable named id as shown in the above snapshot.

Variable value can be used in the same manner as of a local variable via ${Variable Name} as shown below:



In the above snapshot, STORE step will store the value of the element located by “Job ID” into variable name “id”.

VERIFYEQUALS step will check whether the value of the element located by “Job ID” (i.e. the one stored in “id” variable is same as “7” ).

Note: Use store command where you need to remember the value of an element and use set command wherever you need to remember some dynamic value which could be static, environment setting, a result of a function, or a combination of all.


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