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Getcellvalue function

This function is used to get the cell value from the specified excel sheet and store that data in a variable defined in element key. This function takes in three values separated by dot(.).

Select SET command from the action dropdown and provide a variable name in Element key, edit parameter section and click on Form, select functions from the dropdown and select GETCELLVALUE function. Provide alias name, column name and index separated by dot(.).

First value: alias name (same as defined in load excel function).
Second value: column name.
Third value: index.

Note: It is mandatory to load the excel file using LoadExcelFile function before data can be fetched from the excel file using alias name in get cell value function.


The data from the excel sheet will be stored in the variable defined in Element Key (output). Once you have the data in the variable you can use it in your subsequent steps.

Example: Sample Script for reading data in an excel sheet using for loop.

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