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GetTable command is used to get the data/values of all rows and columns in a table. This command takes in two locators.

Select GETTABLE command from the action drop down, select desired Screen name, Element key [first locator (this locator should identify all the rows)] and provide second locator (this locator should identify all headings) in parameter section. User can avoid or ignore first heading using +1 after the second locator as shown below:


Table data will be stored in a variable which is exactly same as element key name. For example table_rows and can be further accessed using ${table_rows}.

Now user can access the values of the table using column names and variable shown above in the example.

Syntax: ${variable name[column name]@index=indexvalue}

Example: ${table_rows[Company]@index=2}

After completing this step, step will look as below:


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